5 digital marketing strategy for Insurance agency

5 Digital Marketing Strategy For Insurance Agencies That Actually Work!

In this world of cutthroat competition, the meaning of word marketing has evolved to a very great extent. Today advertisements in the newspaper and door to door marketing won’t make ends meet. This paved the way for the rise of digital marketing which can be done on various platforms to interact and present your products and services to the customers. In this article we will discuss Digital Marketing Strategy For Insurance Agencies which will help you in taking your business to next level.

For insurance agencies, digital marketing is a very vital task as in this field they need to extensively interact with the customers to give them a fair understanding of the policies offered. For this, they can follow various strategies to give them an extra edge over the others.

  1. Advertisements

This is the most common type of digital marketing where the insurance agencies can provide a description of the services rendered and make inquiries. It’s not as simple as it sounds. First of all the insurance agencies have to get used to the idea of paid social media advertisements. The idea makes people cringe, but it has been proven that they are very effective.

The key here is to design it in such a way that people get hooked and want to know more which can be done by using social media or any other platforms. It is vital to keep your target audience in mind and design it accordingly. The best advantage of using social media is that it is affordable and gives a massive exposure.

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  1. Search engine optimization

It is the fastest growing digital Marketing Strategy For Insurance Agencies as it has shown tremendous results in a very short span of time. What it entails is using some specific words in the blogs or articles which are frequently used by people on a search engine by which a blog or a website with maximum common words show top results. This way one can steer the customers to their website with utmost ease.

This way is having an SEO website ups your game and boosts your marketing to a whole new level. For insurance agencies, it is the most cost-effective marketing strategies which can bring organic traffic to their business.

Tip: Whenever you are posting a new article use keyword research tool from google or moz to find competition and volume.

Why SEO Is the Most Important Marketing Tool for Insurance Agencies

  1. Social media marketing

Posting advertisements on social media are not going to be enough. For the customers to understand the benefits of the insurance policies, it is important to interact with the customers to get an idea of their mindset and then present them the policies and services. This digital Marketing Strategy For Insurance Agencies can easily be adopted by using tools like Buffer.

This can be done by engaging with the users on a daily basis and posting content of the business on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Good content is always liked and shared; therefore, it is very vital to creating a customizable content which is different for different social media platforms. The key here is to be prolific and original.

  1. Email marketing

It entails sending a commercial message through email to a list of potential customers. Nowadays most business deals happen with emails, and it is regarded as the top preference for interaction for commercial use. To make email marketing effective, insurance companies can maintain segregated lists of clients based on several factors such as spending habits, likes, dislikes etc.

The important factor here to note is to send personalized emails for clients to develop trust on the agencies as insurance policies are something which is a very important decision for the long term.

  1. Affiliate marketing

This is a performance-based marketing program where the agencies pay the publishers to bring them, customers. This is today a very common practice among businesses and is on the rise. The performance here may be based on sales, promotions etc.

What happens here is that known publishers give a particular space in their pages for you to advertise, this way an agency can take advantage of the footfall of the publisher’s website and the agencies pay them based on a compensation model. This strategy is used by startups to generate more traffic on their websites.

The Concept of Chatbot in Digital Marketing

Chatbot can complement all the digital marketing strategy for Insurance Agencies mentioned above to create a lead generating machine. Chatbot is a virtual assistant created by the businesses to talk and chat with their clients in a secured space which can reply to the customers almost instantaneously.You can think of it similar to online form which you have in your website to collect customer details but in a chat form.

  • Lead Generation : Whenever we purchase a product or services, we tend to talk to the salesperson for a detailed description of the same and ask questions. Online sales on websites have reduced the interaction quotient between them which leads to less trust of the customers to the businesses. Chatbot can help in collecting details about a lead and also answer any question customer may have. Based on this information business can reach out to customer via phone/email or direct offer to purchase and close the sale.


  • Customer Service : Many businesses provide customer service, but it has been found that customers don’t prefer to use them as it entails waiting on line to talk to a service representative of a company. Chatbot can overcome these obstacles and improve the engagement with the client as they are using messenger 24/7 and you are ok to wait for response when you send message to someone.

How can Chatbot help in Insurance Agencies?

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Common queries about an insurance policy such as the cost, period and other terms and conditions can be discussed in the Chatbot. These details are present on the website and with the help of a Chatbot, customers can ask the companies any questions and will get an instant reply and if they don’t know then someone from the company can do so.

Chatbot here helps in reducing human error in businesses and take customer service to a whole new level. Customers buy insurance only from a reputed company with non-ambiguous terms and conditions, someone they trust. With the help of a Chatbot, they will feel comfortable interacting and asking any questions they have regarding the policies and eliminating the waiting period which the customers have to go through in customer service of a business.

Digital marketing has brought a revelation in the world of marketing and has proved to be an important asset. New strategies are introduced day by day to boost marketing. The digital marketing strategy for Insurance Agencies mentioned above are some common ones which are bound to bring results and are designed to work for an insurance company perspective. To start with select one and crush it before moving to next one.

Hopefully this article was useful to you and helped in learning something new. Please share it with anyone who may benefit from it.

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